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Elf-Man @ Best Buy! – November 27, 2014

Joe Hansard w Jason Acuna at the “Elf-Man” table read. Note that Jason is taller than moi in this pic. 🙂

Get “Elf-Man” NOW on DVD at Best Buy! Starring ‘Wee Man’, Jeffrey Combs, Mackenzie Astin, and Mirelly Taylor! I play “Stu Grady” in this charming and whimsical Christmas comedy about a wayward Elf who saves the Harper family’s Christmas while trying to make his way back to The North Pole. Wee Man describes Elf-Man as “a G rated ‘Jackass’”!

Order Elf-man NOW at! Also available @ Redbox, Netflix, iTunes et al!

Check out my “Red Carpet report” here on Vimeo!

Joe Hansard ABDUCTED BY ALIENS! – June 22, 2013

In this “Milgram And The Fastwalkers” teaser clip, I play a guy named “Kevin,” whose cryptic past is revealed and relived in this season one snippet from episode 11 of this Award Winning web series from Richard Cutting!

Frankenstein Theory – April 18, 2013

Semi-famous actor Joe Hansard talks about Andrew Weiner’s NEW indie feature “The Frankenstein Theory” with film critic Arch Campbell. THEN: Tony Gittens explains the plight of FilmFest DC, and how YOU can help! BONUS: A special visit from The Easter Bunny!

We Made This Movie – September 20, 2012

Joe Hansard (in suit) as Mr. Matuzek, w cast.

I’m high school teacher “Mr. Matuzek” in “We Made This Movie,” the inaugural comedy feature film from David Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants. Starring Arjay Smith and Bill Pullman, “We Made This Movie” is about a group of high school seniors who create a “Jackass” style reality film in hopes of making the bigtime to escape their drab lives in a dead-end town.

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Joe lead role on America’s Most Wanted – January 13, 2012